Important Tips you shouldn’t ignore when buying a Power Bank

Today we’re going to be looking at how to choose the perfect power bank for you. That involves looking at several different areas: capacity, charging speed, connectivity and features.

Power banks

I hope you’ll find this useful whenever you’re considering a portable charger for your smartphone, tablet, Switch or other USB devices. That’s enough preamble, so let’s get started.

Input and Output
The power banks of today are so advanced that you don’t need to make a choice for this question. Only some of the models that are in stores today might not have the correct input or output for your mobile devices. So always check the specifications for the input and output. You need to find out what devices are compatible with the power bank.

Capacity of the power bank
How often would you like to charge your electronic devices without charging your power bank? That is a question that the capacity of the power bank is able to tell you. An other important question is, for what device you are going to use your power bank? A laptop needs more power than a smartphone. A smartphone can be charged with a power bank of 3.350 mAh but a laptop needs more power. In need of a laptop power bank? Use a power bank with a capacity of 30.000 mAh or higher.

Besides the capacity of the power bank is the amperage also very important. The amperage (A) tells you how fast the power bank will charge your electronic devices. A normal power bank has an amperage between 1 and 3.5 A. The higher the amperage, the faster the power bank will charge your devices.

Power Banks

A power bank is very easy to use when there is no wall socket available and you have to charge your electronic devices on the way to your destination. The size of the power bank is very important to look at because you need to take the power bank with you. A power bank for your smartphone or tablet is able to fit in your pocket but a larger laptop power bank isn’t. A laptop power bank does fit in your backpack of handbag.

Price and quality
If you are searching for the perfect power bank that fits with your needs, you have to look further than just the pictures. Take a look at the specifications and decide what specifications are important for your usage of the power bank. Sometimes a cheaper model isn’t matching your needs and the cheap power bank may not last as long as you wish. An other reason to take a good look at the price/quality ratio is the overload. Some cheap power banks can overload and damage your electronic devices. All of our power banks are tested and meet all European safety demands.

Power Bank

Charge your batteries completely eco-friendly? That is possible when you combine the usage of a power bank with a portable solar panel. You can charge your power bank with the mobile solar panel and charge your devices with the power bank. Or you can charge your electronic devices directly with the portable solar panel. This combination isn’t just eco-friendly but also a lot of fun!

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