How to Use Spy Camera in Mobile

Did you know that the first CCTV camera was used in Nazi Germany in 1942 for observing the launch of a rocket? Yes, that’s how long surveillance cameras have been use. Over the years, surveillance cameras have evolved to more digitalized products. Considering no virtual place is safe, it’s possible to monitor even places it wouldn’t be possible without surveillance cameras.

What is a spy camera?

Unlike many surveillance cameras, spy cameras are hidden cameras that have the ability to capture video and sometime audio. It’s like a still video camera that records the activities of a location without the knowledge of the subjects involved. You don’t need to be around the installed spy camera to monitor activities because with some network configuration, you can monitor the happenings over long distance on your phone in the remote control mode.

How to Use Spy Camera in Mobile

Surprisingly, spy cameras are not just for private investigators or nanny monitoring because they have unexpected functions. They are used in viral videos recording, film making, outdoors games, meeting recording, wildlife watching and many other interesting activities.

How to connect spy camera to android phone

Once you have installed your spy camera at the desired location, the next that comes in your mind is how can you monitor the real time activities wherever you are. Well, using network configurations it’s possible to do that on your mobile. Wireless spy cameras have their own kind of network. Using your mobile, install a FLIR tool or application. Open the FLIR application you have installed and click on the navigation pad to display the menu. On the settings part of it, select connections and click on the Wi-Fi. Push in on the available network option to view the reachable networks. As long as your spy camera is on, you will be able to view it on the available networks. Select your spy camera and add it to your own network for example your home Wi-Fi.

There are some networks that require a password to connect to the first time but connect automatically after you put the password. For networks that do not broadcast their existence, select add network on the connection setting and input all parameters manually as per the network.

Once you have connected your spy camera with your phone, you will be able to monitor it wherever you are using the FLIR tool as long as you have network access on your phone and the camera is still connected to a network.












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