How to select the right 3D printer for a particular application

While there have been rapid advances in the Internet and digital technologies, most people continue to use and deal with physical products made from different materials. So design and manufacture of these products continue to be important and manufacturing companies are interested in hiring fresh engineers who have some experience in designing and making actual products. Earlier manufacturers were mainly looking for CAD skills, in 2018, many large manufacturers are interested in hiring fresh engineers who are familiar with 3D printers and making items using these printers.

3d printer kit

Earlier a 3D printer was considered to be a novelty item as the printers were extremely expensive. However, in 2018, there are a large number of companies offering 3D printers with adequate features at a very affordable price for businesses of all sizes, classrooms, and for hobbyists using these printers at home. The printers are used extensively for making prototypes which are used which designing, models, toys, spare parts and any other item at a low cost, in a short period of time after the design of the item to be 3D printed has been finalized.

3d printer kit

Factors to consider

There are many factors to be considered while selecting the 3D printer or 3d printer kit. There are some printers which are available ready to use, while others have to be assembled, which requires some additional skills. Another factor to be considered before choosing the printer is the size of the items which can be printed. Each printer is designed to print 3-dimensional items of a particular size and the length, width, and depth of the item which can be printed is usually specified by the manufacturer of the printer. So if larger 3D items have to be made, the right 3d printer has to be selected, though it may cost more. Lighter portable printers are more expensive compared to heavier printers.

3d printer kit

Another factor to be considered while selecting the 3-D printer is the layer resolution, a smaller layer resolution will allow the printer to print items in greater detail, though it can take more time. The printing speed of the printer should also be checked as the time taken will vary. Most of the 3-d printers available in the market are using PLA filament, however, there are a few printers which also have a provision for using other materials with different physical properties. Connectivity options like Wifi, USB cable, USB flash/TF drive and user interface with touchscreen or app are other considerations for selecting the right 3d printer.


So depending on the size, budget and resolution required for the three-dimensional objects being printed, the right 3D printer should be selected.

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