How to realize Smart Home


Past decade has witnessed extraordinary progress in the technology space. At a time when most of the world was still getting used using laptops over the personal computer, smartphones and tablets were born. It coincided with the global explosion of Internet revolution which connected the entire world. Computing power at our fingertips and connectivity provided by broadband and Wi-Fi changed networking, interaction, banking, shopping, travel and everything else.


Why not use technology to improve the way we live? Smart Home is all about getting together all your smart devices and making them talk to each other to have better control for an improved living. Xiaomi is a tech company that has always aimed at making affordable technology products for its consumers. In this articles, we cover some of them to give you an idea of how they simplify life.

xiaomi remote control

The xiaomi mi robot vacuum

All of us want a clean, dust-free home and keeping it that way is a major challenge. We do not always have the time to do it ourselves and hiring labor for it is an expensive alternative. The xiaomi robot vacuum is a smart home device that cleans your house on its own and saves you both time and money. Armed with a 5200 mAH battery and guided by laser-based guidance, it is smart enough to detect obstacles and avoid the collision. Standing at just 96 mm, it can easily navigate its way underneath your furniture and clean up those hard to reach corners that accumulate the most dust over time.

xiaomi remote control

The xiaomi ih rice cooker

Now that you are done with cleaning, how would you like a bowl of freshly cooked rice? Feeling hungry already? But how exactly do you decide the amount of water to use and temperature settings? The xiaomi rice cooker addresses this exact problem. Attractive on the outside, it comes has a Teflon coated cast iron bowl inside for solid performance. Now comes the interesting part – you can scan the barcode on a rice packet through your smartphone app and it will know the settings (temperature, cooking time, etc.) to prepare a sumptuous meal in no time.

xiaomi remote control

Now that your home is all cleaned up and you have had your meal, you decide to get some entertainment but are too lazy to plug in your laptop, entertainment system and other devices. The xiaomi wifi plug makes your job easy by allowing you to control the sockets from your phone, up to a maximum of 10A current demand.


Biggest convenience is that all the devices in Xiaomi’s ecosystem can be controlled through a single xiaomi remote control gateway. Xiaomi’s universal smart remote controller app can be downloaded to your smartphone and lets you control the entire Xiaomi smart devices ecosystem from one place.

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