How to mount FPV camera

Aerial videography and photography has become the hottest trend in the world for their ability to capture a new vantage point of the universe.

FPV camera is a light and small camera that is mounted to a drone that is able to send real-time video through a wireless video transmitter to your remote display. Due to their ability to send to the user concurrent activity of the environment where the drone flies, they are called first-person view (FVP) cameras.

 How to mount FPV camera

How to mount FVP camera to a drone

First you need to assemble all the accessories and parts in FPV system which are; the camera, a transmitter, a receiver and power supply.

Secondly, you will have to connect your camera to the transmitter. Go through the camera specification and find out its operating voltage. Using a power distribution board, power the transmitter from the drone and connect the camera to the transmitter. The camera gets power through the transmitter. Follow by installing the camera at the front of the drone looking forward and slightly looking down for a better FPV experience. You can place the transmitter anywhere possible but mostly at the back of the drone.

Thirdly, setup the receiver with your FVP monitor or any other remote display like TV. Using the three connectors of the receiver (yellow, white and red), connect them to the respective three connectors of the FPV connector. If you are using a TV as your monitor, make sure it’s in AV mode. The receiver will require a DC power supply so power it with power like the 11.1V Lipo battery.

You can also connect your FPV receiver with your android mobile or PC. In order to be able to receive the videos transmitted by your drone using your phone, you mobile need to have UVC OTG capacity.

You will need to download and install any FVP camera app then using the provided cable, connect your mobile to the receiver. If your phone is not compatible with UVC OTG, worry not for you can still connect your receiver to your PC. To connect to your PC, you will first download and install Debut video capture Software then connect your receiver to the PC using a mini USB cable. Open the Debut Video capture Software, click networks, select webcam, choose USB Video device and finally tune the receiver.

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