How to Make a Rope Chain Saw

What is a Rope Chain Saw

A rope chain saw cuts wood with sharpened teeth, utilizing a similar principle as a power chainsaw, except you give the muscle to get the chain across the wood. Make your own rope saw to prune tree appendages up to 20 feet high or more while remaining on the ground. Append ropes as long as you need to arrive at the appendages you intend to cut. The saw works best on appendages 1 to 6 inches in diameter.

Rope chain saw

Step 1

Eliminate the master link of a cutting chainsaw to detach the ends so it’s straight as opposed to a circle, or buy a straight chain specifically intended to be utilized for sawing by hand with a rope saw. On the off chance that the chainsaw chain doesn’t have a master link, utilize a chainsaw chain punch or chain breaker to eliminate a bolt to disengage the chain.

Rope chain saw

Step 2

Tie one end of a 25-foot length of solid, lightweight rope, for example, parachute rope, through the bolt opening in the connection toward one side of the chain. Do likewise with another piece of rope on the opposite finish of the chain.

Step 3

Bind a weight to the opposite finish of one of the ropes. Utilize any item that you can toss over a tree appendage and to which you can connect the rope safely, for example, a little material pack containing sand or shakes.

Features of a good Rope Chain Saw

●Good to convey and utilize.

●Constructed of high strength steel, tough.

●Cut appendages 25-feet, or add more rope for higher cuts.

●Cut high arrive at appendages securely and effectively starting from the earliest stage.

● A great instrument for slicing wood to make a fire or safe house in a crisis.

●With 24 inch sharp edges come total with two 25FT long control ropes and security tossing – weight.


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