How to have more fun with your TV

TV, in many people’s eyes, it is just a machine that can watch different shows. Some people prefer smartphones, PSPs or tablets, because we can not only watch shows, but also play games, chat, and other interesting stuffs on them. But what if your TV can also do those things? Will you like your TV more? And actually MINIX NEO X8-H can help your TV achieve this.
We all know, some interesting channels is chargeable. Most of us don’t like to pay, and meanwhile we don’t want to miss the good shows. So it’s really difficult for us to make a choice. MINIX NEO X8-H offers the most effective choices and allow you to watch the shows on chargeable channels online. It has stylish and delicate UI interface. Even old people and children know how to use it with clear and easy-to-understand menu as well as operation.

Many people like to play video games with their families on TV. With strong CPU, built-in super accelerator, and giant flash memory, MINIX NEO X8-H can operate at a top speed. You can play different kinds of giant 3D games on it. What’s more, the advanced integrated softwares and space-saving video memory and cache system, greatly reduces the occupancy volume, making a giant actual storable space.
MINIX NEO X8-H(5)The technique team optimize the system to a purest and most effective physical environment, which means the operating speed is higher. And you don’t need to wait for TV to respond, which can drive you crazy.

If you want to save the money of going to the cinema, then you can turn your home into a movie theatre. There are more than 20000 free genuine movies and animated films, as well as 8000 TV series and documentaries for you to choose. You can watch them on MINIX NEO X8-H with clear and no-watermark image pictures. It supports blue-ray decoding and 2160P videos.
MINIX NEO X8-H(2)If you can’t be satisfied with just watching shows, you can install the interesting apps on MINIX NEO X8-H. And you can use facebook, browse websites, read news, study, work, do yoga and Tai Ji with your TV.Want to have more fun with your TV? Go own a MINIX NEO X8-H!

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