How to Choose The Best Solar Lights for Your Yard?

The benefits of solar powered lighting are quite obvious and straightforward. If you live in warmer areas that receive more sunlight, these lights can significantly reduce your electricity bills. In fact, installing solar LED lights has become increasingly trendy over the past few years. However, not all solar lights are ideal for your garden. There are still various things to review before you spend money on any lighting solution powered by solar. Here are a few insights on the important aspects to consider.

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Type of light used

Until recently, most solar lights still used filament bulbs which were not only dim but also inefficient and costly over the long run. Fortunately, filament bulbs are no longer the only option available today. LED lights have become a new trend and offer some amazing benefits. Solar powered LED lights are bright, durable and very attractive. They can also be made into large LED panels to suit your needs. LED solar lights are ideal for any yard or outdoor garden. They can withstand harsher environments and also last longer than any other alternative in the market.

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Cell and Battery type

As aforementioned, not all solar lights are desirable. One major concern is the cell and battery type. If you want to enjoy your solar lights for years to come, stay away from the older models. New technology has made everything better and modern cells do not only last longer but also provide better illumination. Choose the latest models of photovoltaic cells and efficient batteries that will harness the most from your solar panels.

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Intended function/application

When installing solar lights in your yard, there are various looks you can achieve. It is important to envision what you want to achieve with your solar lights before

you go shopping. Solar lights come in different designs suited to certain functions. The popular choices include;

a)Accent lights – solar accent lights are perfect for visual interest or highlighting specific features such as a flower vessel or piece of art. They only target a small area and are not as bright as other options.

b)Path lights – as the name suggests, solar path lights are used as a guide in the dark. You can find path lights integrated with motion sensors and timers. They come in a variety of sizes and styles.

c) Landscape light – these are much brighter than accent and path lights. Solar landscape lights originate from a spotlight beam that targets a specific area or feature in your yard. They can also be integrated into your security lighting system.

d) Deck and patio lights – enliven your deck with solar string lights, post caps, deck rail, and step lights. When done intuitively, solar lights can drastically improve the atmosphere around your deck and yard.

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There are various other aspects to review when looking to purchase solar lights for your yard. Considerations such as model, brand reputation, available features, cost, warranty, and user reviews are all important. It is recommendable to compare various offers and pick out the best for your needs. There is no single best solar light for everyone’s yard. Prioritize your unique needs and what you want to achieve. This way, you will always end up with the best offer for the job.

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