How to Choose the Best Game Controller in 2018


Some games merely require the use of a mouse and a keyboard. Most, however, tend to require the use of a controller. Procuring a suitable controller is something that all players should take into serious consideration. This is because the controller determines how well the player maneuvers through different obstacles to win consistently.

smart game controller

Different preferences of game controller

Different players have different preferences where gaming controllers are concerned. It is a fact that choice in regards to game controllers may be dependent on the user’s operating system, or even hand size. One player may prefer a game rocker controller because it allows the user to keep a comfortable grip when eluding obstacles within the game, while other users may prefer a smart game controller which will enable them to access the buttons that allow different maneuvers easily. Moreover, it is essential for a gamer to be able to maintain a good grip on his controller even when his hands become sweaty as a result of prolonged playing. This could be particularly problematic for gamers handling wire game handles. Gaming controllers should also be heavy enough so that they do not flip away when the player makes sudden maneuvers, but they should not be so weighty that they bring about wrist fatigue. Game rocker controller and usb game handle have been recommended as being ideal for players who often experience wrist fatigue after playing for short periods of time.

smart game controller

Recommended brands

Different gaming controllers have gained popularity in the gaming world over the past year. The USB Rocker Arcade Fighting Controller Game Joystick Gamepad For PS3 Android has CLEAR and TURBO function keys in addition to analog and digital modes in its PC system. The USB Rocker Arcade Fighting Controller’s popularity lies in its easy to maneuver design, as well as the fact that it can be used with digital or analog settings.


The GameSir G4S Bluetooth 2.4G Wireless USB Wired Gamepad Game Controller Joystick, which is designed in the shape of a game rocker controller, has turbo function, a USB interface, and a built-in bracket which can be tilted at adjustable angles. The lightness of the GameSir G4S, though, makes it even more preferable as gamers often have sweaty hands and so have to use controllers that are steady. The 2.4GHz Wireless Game Controller Gamepad Joystick For Android TV Box PC also has a convenient grip. It allows gamers to play android games on their smartphones, and its batteries can last for more than a day without needing to be recharged.


The Betop BTP-2126BD2E Wire Game Handle-Black, whose features include a USB interface, 32/64 dual core computer configuration, a TURBO firing bursts clear set, allows for the use of USB game handles, and it might the most classic wire game handle. The Betop BTP-2126BD2E Wire Game Handle is easily the most popular and useful game controller of the three which is because it allows gamers to choose between the USB game handle or smart game controller function and play in relative comfort. It also has a power saving system and sensitive AD transformation technology with an 8-way directional pad.

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