How To Choose A Suitable Home Projector


In the modern day, most people now prefer having their own home projectors to visiting the cinema halls. These projectors go a long way in making their vision better due to a smaller TV screen. These home projectors vary a lot according to; their sizes, the modifications and even colors. To achieve this comfort, it’s obvious that you are going to need one, and it is always important to choose the one that is going to bring about the effects that you are looking for. Below are some of the products that will guide you on how to choose the best home wireless video projector.

wireless video projector

The mini portable projector

For a projector, the quality of the images produced will be obviously the customers first point of Focus. The portable led projector puts the images as a first priority and with imagining technology of LCD and TFT, the mini portable led projector can deliver up to 16.7k color reproduction for the images with a native resolution of 800*400. It can also support up to 1080P image production with a brightness level of 1000 lumens, which is three times that of the other models. You can have a focusing distance of up to 4M in which the images are projected from 34 to 130 inches. Despite all this, the sound is also an interesting factor as the mini portable projector has inbuilt Hi-FI speakers to bring about the sound effect.

wireless video projector

The wifi led projector

It would be boring when you have to connect and disconnect USB cables to your device in order to watch anything on it, that’s why the wifi hd projector comes with the wireless connectivity mode to save you the stress. This particular model is actually smaller in size but delivers unimaginable images, with a maximum of 1080 image formation power and 30 Ansilumens for of light. The wifi led projector brings you images of high brightness and resolution. For images, having deformation at the edges would actually make the vision boring and this wireless led projector ensures that this does not happen. The power consumption is also remarkably low.

wireless video projector

The portable video projector

It is obvious that portability is an issue when moving within the house. The portable projector hd with a more defined look and a smaller size than the others brings you this quality. It also comes with the same high optical resolution of 1080P, and an HD multimedia interface to bring out the quality in images. Its audio system is enhanced with a 5.1stereo audio output support to give you the best sound. To enable you to watch things on your devices, the mini video projector has USB/SD disk ports.


The led projector hd 1080p

To sum all the qualities of these projectors, the 1080p video projector, brings all the image resolution qualities together and gives them a 20% improvement, with a brightness level of up to 1200 lumens and a native resolution of 400*800. Enhanced with BW technology, it enables all sorts of devices linking. Its ability to use the WIFI gives the viewer the choice to watch videos online. What a deal!

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