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A TV box is an android device that has the ability to convert any TV into a smart TV that can be used to stream live TV shows, play games and also use a number of applications. Except for the Android system, you can also find the mini PC Windows system in the market with lots of choices, hence it’s not a easy job to pick the right mini PC.

Tanix TX92 TV box

When one is choosing a TV box, the main features that you should look for are:

1.) The type of internet connection: You should find out whether the internet connection is wireless or not. Wireless TV boxes are better compared to the wired ones.

2.) The type of shows and events that the internet Box streams.

3.) The type of android version it contains, its general specifications and also if you can cast content from other devices like your phone or computer to the TV box.

Attention: you can also use the HDMI Switcher Splitter box to receive signals from up to 5 HDMI devices.

Tanix TX92 TV box


A good example of a nice TV box is the Tanix TX92, that covers all the aspects we have highlighted above as we will show in the subsequently detailed explanation. This is so far the best internet TV box because of it’s up to date android version, hard metallic casing among many more features.

Tanix TX92 TV box


1.) Metallic Casing: It has a hard metallic outer casing that protects and covers the delicate internal components. This helps prevent it from getting damaged when it falls down or when its subjected to external forces and pressure.


2.) Amlogic S912 Octa-core ARM Cortex – A53 central processing unit: The TANIX TX92 has the latest microprocessor technology that helps it attain speeds of up to 2.43 GHz compared to most of the TV boxes in the market. It is also accompanied with the latest operating system ( Android 7.0). This two features, when put together, make the TANIX TX92 have high performance and high speeds while one is using it hence making it efficient and reliable.


3.) Wireless connections: TANIX TX92 has Bluetooth, Local area network (LAN) and wireless internet connection. The wireless internet connection has an operating dual band of 2.4 Gigabits and 500 Gigabits. The LAN has an operating range of 1000 Megabits that is highly advanced for long-range communication. Bluetooth version is 4.1 and can easily be paired with most Bluetooth devices with range.


4.) Picture and Video quality: TANIX TX92 has 4K high definition for ultra clear picture and videos. It also supports a wide range of video and picture formats like 4K, DIVX, M4V, MKV among much more. It also has a HDMI port (version 2.0).


5.) Storage capacity: Most of the TANIX TX92 devices have a storage capacity of 64 gigabytes with a DDR3 2Gb ram. The storage capacity can be extended to a maximum of 128 Gigabytes. This high storage capacity is necessary because of the Amlogic S912 octa-core CPU.

Tanix TX92 TV box

The TANIX TX92 mini PC is user-friendly and very easy to operate. It supports multiple processes and applications at the same time hence perfect device for multitasking, so all in all, this Tanix TX92 TV box is a good choice if you’re looking for a quality one above the average in the market.


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