How to choose a good soldering station

You can’t select and buy a soldering station based on traditional concepts. There are some soldering station marked that they can be set up to more than 400 Celsius degree but actually most of them can’t do unleaded high temperature soldering at low soldered dot with their thermal capacities and recovery capabilities. While soldering, unleaded tin wires with melting point more than 34℃ have larger heat consumption. Therefore, if you use normal temperature adjustable soldering station without increasing the temperature, tin barb will appear, and you may meet faulty soldering, over slow soldering speed and other phenomenons. Thus, to get the proper soldering effect, you have to increase the soldering temperature which may bring many negative influences.
HAKKO 936Compared to leaded soldering wire, unleaded tin wires are more likely to experience oxidation. What’s more, with high temperature acting as catalysis, the oxidation speed increase exponentially. As a result, it is easy to have mechanical touching faulty soldering and gray dull soldering joints.

The ideal situation is that the stations don’t use the idle high temperature to eliminate the storage of energy and use energy to soldering joint as soon as it get it from batteries. This will avoid the wastage of energy at the extreme and achieve good soldering. However, normal stations can do this because of the slow heat-up speed. They can only reach the required temperature for soldering by increasing the idle temperature which may give direct or indirect influences to circuit performance and machine performance. If you still don’t know how to choose a station, here is a high quality HAKKO 936 temperature adjustable soldering station for you. As an industry standard soldering station, it is inexpensive, temperature adjustable. With a small size and convenient design, you can stack each module to conserve valuable bench space.It will run for years without repairing, ESD safe for solder critical static sensitive applications. In addition, the whole set include base unit, solder pen, iron stand and solder tip, which is quite complete.
Adjustable temperature control with lock/set screw to meet your different needs for soldering. You just have to turn the dial then you can adjust the temperature, which is very easy. Besides, Ceramic heating element and senor insures rapid heat-up temperature and lightning-fast thermal recovery. It provides you Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature setting. Slender iron handles are insulated and ergonomic-designed for ease and comfort. It can accommodate large, medium or small irons, which is convenient for you to make or repair different sizes of elements. Wide selection of tips available for soldering SMD and through-hole connections. All in all, a good soldering station i present to you!

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