How smart an IP camera can be.

Perhaps you are wondering what this camera is all about. First of all the IP in full is Internet Protocol. This camera is a video camera used for surveillance, but it is not same to closed-circuit television cameras. This camera can deliver and receive data through the internet or a computer network which enables you to access it away from home through an IP address. The first IP camera was released in 1996 by a company known as Axis Communications. This first Internet Protocol camera was only giving out a snapshot image when accessed because it wasn’t able to stream real-time motion video. It was not able to stream because of enormous bandwidth requirements unlike now when there is better access to bandwidth.

ip camera

Why should I have it?


Having a surveillance system in your home has some benefits which you will know after reading this passage. To begin with, it will allow you to keep an eye on your elderly parents and relatives and small kids too when you are not at home. As you know, these two groups of people need extra attention as they may get hurt or create a mess. I am sure you have heard cases of children accidentally setting a house ablaze while their parents were away.

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Secondly, your pets can cause mischief or hurt themselves when you are far from home. You may find your pet tearing your expensive sofa set to shreds and pieces or even find it stuck somewhere, injured and almost dead. See how vital having surveillance cameras in your home is? Especially if you have pets, kids, and elderly members. Apart from that, It’ll help in an investigation in case you are robbed by identifying the thieves and through this you may end up catching them. IP cameras can also convince thieves otherwise. They may decide not to steal after seeing the cameras with the fear that they might get found eventually.

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An IP camera is very advantageous as compared to analog. It’s easy to install. Perhaps you thought that since it is more complicated, its installation is tedious, but this is not the case. Also, this camera comes in a wide range of resolutions to choose from unlike the analog camera which uses analog video standard.

ip camera


Finally, the best feature this camera can offer is video analytics. You do not have to sit in the control room watching the screens for suspicious activity; you’ll get tired and start dozing off. This Internet Protocol camera has face recognition, can detect if someone takes an object from your room, can detect when a line has been crossed and even more. One of the best IP cameras you can get is the Xiaomi Xiaofang ip camera which has motion, voice and fire detection as well as night vision. It also has Cloud Data Encryption. With all that said, approach our stores and purchase an IP camera to provide security in your home and keep it safe for kids and the elderly.

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