Finding the best Ip camera can be very tricky and complicated as you do not know the specific features you should consider. Purchasing the best IP camera improves the comfort of every family in so many different ways like security, internet connectivity and also a time-saving opportunity. That is why all you need is xiaomi ip camera, the best in the market and eco-friendly to all users. All you have to do is get one for yourself and enjoy all your viewing at your comfort. Xiaomi has it all.

ip camera

The xiaomi ip camera has the best features and I know you won’t waste this opportunity; these are features that are hard to find in other cameras, these features include:

  1. Infrared night vision.The infrared night vision lens which supports 8pcs 940nm enhanced lamp beads. The lens is made up of four full HD optical lenses. This means that at the comfort of your chair you can view who is coming or going out of the compound during the night hours. This is very important as you can see you will not have any worries including darkness
  2. Motion detection property. In support of the lenses, the XiaomiIP cameracan detect motion even if a stone is a throne at it you will see that too and notice some changes in your compound.
  3. 360 platform viewing.With this property your security is much secured, unlike other cameras that only rotates at certain angles, this camera doesn’t have to rotate to capture an image due to this smart property. This is fantastic.
  4. Internet connectivity.This is the only camera with Wi-Fi as far as it’s compared to others. This is a double profit achievement. The Wi-Fi has a frequency of 2.4 GHz of standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n. For online workers, you do not have to worry about connectivity.
  5. SD TF card.It has been stored in the camera for video recording. This is important as sometimes used as evidence as all content are safely secured.
  6. Micro USB port.This supports power supply of DC 5V AND 1A.
  7. Advanced design.Designed that is ceiling mounted and have an inbuilt speaker for audio recording. It is also white in color hence cannot be easily recognized.It is also connected to mobile devices or pc, all of this is done for your own comfort, you will always be updated.

ip camera


From the described features you can already feel its importance and how it can improve your family lifestyle, all you have to do is just get one for yourself and enjoy all these features.

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