Home Burglar Alarm Systems, Completely Wireless Connection & Wide Range Apply

This time, the introducing item is one kind of home burglar alarm systems, which applies to wide range with high safety and high security. It includes several accessories. If you needs to install some security alarm systems, I suggest you to choose it. Then, let me share you something detailed about it.

This product is composed with one Keypad/Control Unit, two x Door/Window Sensors, three Motion Detectors, two Remote Controls, one Wired Siren, one Telephone Cable and one 12V 1A Power Adapter. Next, let me separately introduce the five main parts of it.home burglar alarm systems(1)

  • Keypad/Control Unit

It is a high quality item with wireless connection function, supporting no obstacle 100m wireless distance. Besides, it has a 200 feet range and 400 feet line-of-sight range. Suitable for banks, stores, warehouses, offices and home use, it is effectively in  anti-theft, anti-robbery, fire prevention, gas leakage protection. When the emergencies happen, it will call you or call 911 automatically. At the same time, its siren will alarm loudly, doing a good job on scaring the intruders.home burglar alarm systems(2)

  • Dual passive infrared detector

This product uses anti-bunt cover with auto temperature compensation, ensuring long time use. Besides, it takes SMT design that features with anti-RFI and anti-EMI function, improving the high efficiency work and high accuracy. Its detecting distance is 12 meters with a 110 degrees detecting angle. When detect any movement, it will send a warning signal to host.home burglar alarm systems(3)

  • Remote Control

Clarity of four buttons design is convenient for use. It has a waterproof function and with 80 meters control distance in the open place.home burglar alarm systems(4)

  • Wired Siren

It features with 12VDC rated voltage and 100 to 150mA rated current. When someone intrude your home, it will make a sound of 120dB, which help your neighbors of their vigilance, and scaring away the burglars out of your house. home burglar alarm systems(5)

  • Wireless Door/ Window Magnet Sensor

It takes a small size of 71 x 36 x 15mm, useful for hiding. Besides, it needs 12V battery power supply and its launch distance is 300 meters. By the way, it features with jump hat pin encoding. home burglar alarm systems(6)

In concluded, home burglar alarm systems is a pretty good product and you also can buy them separately from banggood.com.

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