Hidden pen video camera, surveillance use necessary item

When we watch the detective films, we always appreciate their superb investigating ability. Also, some magic auxiliary tools are necessary. If you undertake to as a journalist or need to do some secret recording, the magic product of hidden pen video camera is suitable for you. Then, let me tell you something detailed about it.
hidden pen video cameraIt was designed with a pen shape that perfectly to hide when you work. When it works, it with a video resolution of 720*480, and 8M images pixels. Equipped with CMOS sensor with 4: 3 image ratio, it will bring you excellent shooting effect. It features fixed focus that you have no need to adjust and operate it. Account for non-built memory, you have to use a TF card to save the videos. By the way, you can charge it through the USB interface after twisting the pen on its middle place.
The question comes, how to use the hidden pen video camera? After your full charge, you could hold the button on the pen’s top to open the camera. At the time, the light will keep lighting. Then, you need to hold the button again for 3 seconds, and the light will turn to blink, which means it is recording now. If you want to stop recording,  pressing the button, and it will save the video.You can find the video in your memory card’s VIDEO folder. Very convenient and easy operation it is.
hidden pen video camera(2)All in all, hidden pen video camera is an easy carry and perfect hidden tool, moreover, easy operating. If you are interested in it, you can buy it from banggood.com at $8.48.

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