Have Fun in Assembling DIY Digital Clock Kit

DIY digital clock Kit Last time i have talked about the DIY Rotating Clock. I don’t know how you guys think about it. Do you have fun assembling that clock? Yesterday, i got a DIY digital clock Kit, which is maybe a little more difficult to make. But i like challenges, and i really like the simple and modern look of this clock. Now, no more talking, lets begin my review.


Inside the package, all components were packed well. the PCB dimension is 98*35*1.6mm. The thing i like the best is the crystal case, which makes the clock look not as primitive as other DIY electronic clock. The size of the case is 105*46*29mm, not very dramatic but very suitable for all kinds of environments, for example, in cars, in the room, and etc. There are red, green and blue light for you to choose. I chose the blue light, which looks very soft and makes me feel comfortable.
DIY digital clock Kit  DIY digital clock Kit(1)


I have to say the manual is not very good, since it is in Chinese. But the pictures are clear, so the assembly is still not very difficult. No problems there, it worked straight away. I found it easier to use the pictures on the product page of Banggood and once you know which of the resistors is which(there are only two types)it was quite easy. Including the plastic case( remember to take the coating off before you put ti together–top tip there, a mistake i made first time). It has taken about 2.5 hours from start to finish. Once completed it worked straight from the off when plugged in.the battery is just a back up so you will need to plug it to a USB port, a cable is included. I have to say, this is not for absolute beginners but not a particularly difficult kit.
DIY digital clock Kit


DIY digital clock Kit comes with power memory, alarm function, and the whole point timekeeping. You can set the whole point of time during day and night.


The price of this gadget is less than $10. So i think it is really worth your try and i am sure you will find great fun in doing such a little project.

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