Harry And Megan’s Engagement Photos Are The Coolest In The History Of The Royal Family?


On December 22, the British royal family announced on social media the engagement photos taken by Prince Harry and girlfriend Megan Markel at Kensington Palace Gardens, officially announcing their engagement. The 33-year-old Prince Harry of the United Kingdom and the 36-year-old American actress Meghan Markel will hold a wedding at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018. Prince Harry is the second son of the late Princess Diana, and American actor Megan Markle had had a marriage experience before. As a non-royal foreigner, the news that Megan will be the new Duchess has aroused widespread concern. Since the announcement of their love affair, they have drawn much attention from all sectors of society.


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Earlier media reports that Queen Elizabeth was not satisfied with Megan. However, the royal family specifically invited the vogue famous photographer Alexi Lubomirski for their engagement photos which look like a magazine cover. British people have given their blessings through social platforms. The prince and Megan are very sweet, intimate, and have a love of happiness in the photo. This is a completely different style from previous royal engagement photos. Let’s have a review of some engagement photos of other royal family members.

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The engagement photos of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in 1947 appear to be more cautious. The two stood side by side with a small distance in between. In 1981 the marriage of Princess Diana and Charles is relatively easier, and the two are wearing the same color of clothing. Princess Diana embraces Charles from behind casually. Prince William and Kate’s engagement photos are even more intimate. Photographer Mario Testino, who photographed William and Kate at the time, was the boss of photographer Alexi. Therefore, this group of photos is warm and yet dignified and extravagant.

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