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TV set has become a basic household requirement. It has moved from a small corner of the house to the main living room and it is getting bigger and better by the day. From entertainment, watching movies, live sport and news everyone is glued to the screen. With Haier TV, things just get better.


There is more to having just a TV. A high-quality TV gives you not only a more enjoyable viewership but also improves the quality of your life. It displays high definition pictures and a better brightness contrast that does not harm your eyes. A high-quality TV produces a better sound resolution. This protects your eardrums from damage and makes your entertainment more fun. The ambiance created calms your mind relieving you from any anxiety or stressful feelings.

Haier 55 Inch TV

Haier 55 Inch TV is a good example of a high-quality TV. Its screen width is large enough to give you almost real-life pictures. It displays large high-quality pictures such that you do not struggle to see what is displayed. You can also use the zoom mode feature to get a better view of minor details. This enhances your comfort as you watch a TV show, movie or news.

Haier 55 Inch TV

Haier TV has a very strong signal reception. You do not incur an extra cost of purchasing signal receiver devices. This saves you a lot of money which you can spend on other pleasures of life. The signal is not affected by the weather so you are sure to watch your favorite TV show every day. This high-quality TV has an average annual power consumption of 125 according to EU standards. This saves you money on power bills. This is also made possible by its auto-sleep feature when left idle for long. This is good if you fall asleep before switching off.

Haier 55 Inch TV

Haier 55 Inch TV supports a wide range of video and picture formats. This makes it possible for you to play any kind of CDs with different formats. You enjoy what you want without those ‘unsupported file format’ pop-ups. Isn’t this amazing? A TV show episode can be really good that you feel like turning on a playback. This is always impossible with normal TVs. With Haier TV, you have the option to save and playback at a later time. This ensures you watch what you missed while you were busy.


This digital TV supports an Ethernet connection. This makes it possible to share files from your computer to the TV. It also supports Bluetooth sharing. It enables you to send video files from your smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled devices. You do not have to wait until you buy those huge woofers to enjoy music. This TV is fitted with subwoofers that generate a high-quality sound. Buy Haier TV and enjoy the huge benefits that come with it. It is also a way of boosting your confidence and prestige.

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