H96 MAX RK3318 TV BOX: A COST-DOWN TV Box With Quality Features

If you have been looking for a low-cost TV Box with high quality features that enhance performance, look no further as everything is covered in this review. Currently retailing at a very affordable price of only $33.49, this amazing device comes with Android 9.0 plus the option to choose from several RAM and Internal Memory options. And then there is a high quality and professional image processing ability to give the end-user the best experience ever.


So,is H96 MAX RK3318 the best TV box for you? Well, take a look at its major highlights that render it unique, and then decide if it is the box you have been looking for.


The shipping package contains the following items:

-H96 MAX RK3318 TV BOX


-User manual

-HD cable

-Remote Control

RAM, SoC and Internal Storage

As I told you, this interesting looking TV box comes with very good specifications. It is without doubts that its architects had users in mind when designing it.

One good specification has to be the new RK3318 that incorporates four ARM-Cortex A53 processors. Each of these processors can clock up to 1.5 GHz. Additionally, its Mali- 450 MP5 GPU relies on the support of HDR to decode high resolution videos for you.

For RAM, there are two versions-the 2 GB and the 4 GB versions- which work best with 16/32/64 GB of internal storage expandable through a MicroSD card that fits in the available card reader. This combination aims to improve your entertainment by providing you a system that ensures stable operations. More space and caches are things that everyone is satisfied with.


Android 9.0 OS

This is yet another reason you should go for this amazing device. The fact that it runs on the most up-to-date Android 9.0 Operating system raises the bar compatibility,usability and overall performance.

So, with this device you can run even the heaviest Android applications smoothly without the system freezing or lagging behind.

LAN, 2/5 G,Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

To ensure that you transfer lots of data, H96 MAX RK3318 TV box supports 2.4 GHz and 2 or 5 G band. And then, you can utilize Ethernet LAN and Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz/5 G to connect to the internet and stream your favorite videos without much hassle. Then there is Bluetooth 4.0 support to help you share data with other Bluetooth support devices.

4K Ultra HD

Hands up if you like glossy screen details for a more realistic game,movie and music experience? Should be all of you. This TV Box gives you nothing short of that- powerful output.

Remote Control

The available remote control comes with a microphone to help you utilize Google Assistant to conduct searches easily. It is quite simple to use and perform basic operations using the gadget. And it uses 2 AAA batteries.



-Newest RK3318 CPU

-Most up to date Android 9.0

-Comes with pre-installed Google Play and services

-4 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM for faster loading and running of operations

-High quality resolution and output

-Everything pops with HDR support and full formats.You get more realistic images,contrast and brightness

-USB 3.0 faster transfer


From the analysis above, it is apparent that H96 MAX RK3318 TV BOX has extremely good specifications. From connectivity,storage,system performance that is RAM,ROM,CPU and OS, to output and resolution, I can authoritatively say that this TV Box is a perfect option for you.So grab it at a cheap price of only $33.49.


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