GUUDGO GD-SC11 Camera that has it all

Have you ever left your home alone without any security to it at all? If you did, you must have gotten those fearful thoughts of someone breaking in and stealing your goods. Or you might have a pet or a worker inside whom you do not trust too much. Having a 24-hour security at your door might seem too much or too expensive? Then we have a solution for you. The GUUDGO GD-SC11 WiFi IP Camera is giving you the ability to survey your home at any time without being physically there. Surveillance cameras are known to decrease the amount of crime drama. Having a GUUDGO GD-SC11 in your home can help you get almost perfect security of your possessions.



This Wifi IP Camera is filled with numerous functions. Having 1.3 Megapixels and 960p definition of recording it throws a shame on many more expensive cameras. It records in a 110  wide angle lens fitted with f/2.0 aperture you really don’t need to ask for much more.



But there is more, by purchasing GUUDGO WIFI Camera you also get yourself a free 15 days of cloud storage on Amazon Web Services which this camera fully supports. This means you can watch your space 24/7.



A regular camera would not be much use when the night time recording comes into place. This one is, it has IR lens capable of recording everything up to 10m. It also has a memory card slot supporting up to 64GB.



A really important function that this camera possesses is intelligent Motion Detection. In this mode, the camera will start recording as soon as it notices something other than stationary objects in the view field. With a Two-way audio function, you can communicate with the device through the app or web page, allowing you to hear the sounds where the camera is or produce sounds through the camera. This is exceptionally useful if you are a parent and want to see and hear your kid or let it hear you. The application for control of the camera supports multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows operated devices.


In the package of this product you get:

1x GUUDGO GD-SC11 WiFi IP Camera with a black or white color option

1x Micro USB Cable

1x Power plug that is adjusted to your country standard

1x User Manual in the English language

1x Install Package


The camera is easy to mount with screws or strips that are given in the package and is generally user-friendly and you do not need a lot of knowledge to protect your home from possible dangers.


The GUUDGO GD-SC11 WiFi IP Camera is a really low priced high capability piece of IT equipment which is needless to say, the best bang for a buck.


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