GS Tell You How To Elect An E-Cigarette

GS is a kind of electronic cigarette, is a new product that between electronic components and food. The biggest difference between it and traditional cigarette is it no need to burn, no tar, carbon monoxide and nitrous acid, such as toxic substances. At the same time also won’t have very big impact on the people of secondhand smoke.

GS has a variety of models and styles, but they are generally made up of three parts that battery, atomizer, smoke bombs and other accessories. It is the use of lithium ion and secondary battery power components. Battery life depends on the battery type, size, process, use the number of times and operating environment. battery associated with atomizer, liquid atomization requires a lot of energy, so the length of the battery life is a measure of an electronic cigarette is good. With the development of hardware and software, as a automatic machinery manufacturing electronic cigarettes, GS put an end to use manual wiring, welding or electronic, in order to achieve security and reliability.

GSThe structure of the atomizer is a heating components, Through batteries fever, make its smoke oil volatilization, next to the formation of smog, thereby to achieve the result of “smoke” when. Its quality mainly depends on material, heat wire, and process. The function of the atomizer is atomization effect, is the core component of electronic cigarettes. As a good electronic cigarettes, GS has a good atomizer that good atomizer has the fever silk coarse, outside has the characteristic of steel ring protection, average width is about 5 mm in atomizer can guarantee good out of the smoke. In general, good electronic atomizer inhale more smooth, closer than the feeling of real cigarette. The whole design in the construction of the GS, the intake air flow channel. Excellent electronic cigarette design can guarantee the smoke volume is larger, then can guarantee the quantity of smoke is stable.

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