GM8901 digital anemometer, wide measuring range and accurate testing tool

This time, I wanna introduce you one useful and practical measuring instrument. It is called GM8901 digital anemometer, which used to measure the wind speed and air temperature. And it features with wide measuring range and accurate testing. Then, let me tell you something detailed about it.
GM8901 digital anemometerIt takes a portable shape design with a dimension of 145 x 72 x 35mm main unit and 172 x 65 x 29mm vane. And its weight is 276g. It provides air speed and temperature measurement with instant date. Moreover, featuring with wide range testing, its wind speed testing range is from 0 ~ 45 m/s (0 ~ 8800 ft/min), while temperature testing range is from 0 ~ 45℃ (32 ~ 113 F). In addition to, it equipped with a LCD screen that with dual level displaying and backlight features, convenient for your use.
GM8901 digital anemometer(1)GM8901 digital anemometer is an ideal tool not only can be used for windsurfing, sailing and kite flying such outdoor activities, but also can be used for indoor testing, such as, computer fans, air-conditioners, airflow over the roof or walls, etc. Most important, it can do the accurate testings and quick responses.
GM8901 digital anemometer(2)In concluded, GM8901 digital anemometer can be thought as a brilliant product. It offers you portable carry and accurate measurement, moreover, providing instant data for quick speed testing. If you need such a tool, just buy it and have a try. I’ m sure that you will not be regret. You can buy it on at $35.99.

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