GM816A digital anemometer, testing the air velocity and temperature

Today, I would like to introduce you one portable testing instrument. It is called GM816A digital anemometer and used to test the air velocity and temperature. Moreover, it has a wide range testing area, industrial use or home use both are OK. Then, let me tell you something detailed about it.
GM816A digital anemometer(4)Upon the appearance, it has a small size of 52.5×35.5×160 mm and 187g light weight. Besides, it has a big LCD screen with dual level display, meeting your need in watching two testing data at the same time, and it features backlight, even see clearly in the sun. Simple operating buttons offer easy and convenient work. In addition to, built-in fan on the top of the body with external thermistor, you can use it instantly. On its both sides, there are the rubber material producing, so it is effectively to avoid falling during your operating.
GM816A digital anemometer(2)In terms of the displaying data of GM816A digital anemometer, it supports two temperature units, Centigrade and Fahrenheit, and five air velocity units, m/s, km/h, ft/min, Knots, and mph. Both of them you can through the MODE button to do the settings. It shows Beaufort scale on the screen and you can do the maximum, average and current air velocity measurement.
GM816A digital anemometerGM816A digital anemometer(2)In concluded, GM816A digital anemometer is a portable and easy operation item. And it is very suitable for the meteorological research enthusiasts that you can use it to do the measurement anywhere anytime. If you are interested in it, you can buy it from

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