GM300 Thermometer, Help You Convenient Accurately Measuring Temperature

GM300 thermometer, is a handheld non-contact infrared thermometer that cabinet, convenient and fast to measuring temperature. The highest temperature can reach 350 degrees, is suitable for the rapid measurement of mechanical equipment, air conditioning, electric contact surface temperature.

gm300 thermometerWhy we do not use the contact thermometer but using infrared thermometer? Because infrared thermometer with a non-contact measurement, fast response and is not disturbed by the characteristics of the target temperature distribution field, for some cannot use contact measurement targets, moving targets, the level of temperature measurement, temperature change quickly target infrared measuring instrument has its unique effect. It provides a new measurement method for the development of modern measuring technology, compared with the traditional measuring equipment, infrared tester is convenient, accurate and security advantages. GM300 thermometer adopt new low-power chips design, supplemented by scientific algorithm, uses the independent software innovation, independent circuit improvement, so as to realize the similar product precision, stability, cost-effective beyond, the design of the implementation to create value for the user. Use of science and technology human learning mechanical, exterior design, supplemented by the optional case accessories, achieve more comprehensive protection to the product.

GM300 thermometer not only portable and measuring precision, also easy to operate. After installed the battery, pull the trigger boot. Then used to locate the laser aim to pull the trigger on the surface of object to be tested temperature will be displayed on the LCD, after releasing the trigger, the temperature keep the display on the LCD. By the way, this thermometer is industrial use infrared measuring instrument, does not apply to the human body and animal’s body temperature measurement.

GM300 thermometer with small size, easy to carry, laser instructions can easily and accurately measure temperature, aim and are safe and ideal non-contact temperature measuring diagnostic tool.

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