Give yourself a reading feast with ONYX BOOX C67ML

SKU125157acAs we all know, with the bloom of science and technology, we don’t need to carry the heavy books with us. Thanks to book readers, we can easily download many books we would like to read on them. And those readers is just like books, because they have the same display effect as a piece of paper. This book readers has really brought lots of convenience to our life.

Different kinds of book reader have different features and ONYX BOOX C67ML is at least one. This kind of book reader has HD E-ink screen. Compared to regular screens, its screen provides you sharper and clearer display of images and contents.

Designed with 16 gray scale and 180°visual angle, you can enjoy more whiter background and blacker texts. There’s no glare, which is really good for eyes and is the best choice for reading. Besides, carrying new A2 mode, ONYX BOOX C67ML increases the refresh rate by 200%, more smooth refreshment for you. The pageturn is fast but no screen flash and less ghosting, perfect for speed reading of text documents.
SKU125157nnYou may want to enjoy some free book resources. The designer of ONYX BOOX C67ML enhance the Wifi module, you can open browser and download books with fast connecting speed. There’s many free books for you to choose, you can read online or surf Internet freely and faster.

What’s more, ONYX BOOX C67ML can be used as a tablet. Newly developed Android OS can allow you install all kinds of reading APPS to extend your reading world. You can record your opinions of reading and share with others via wireless connectivity. It supports making notes by handwriting. You can write your notes pn it just like you write them on the real books. Since the popularization of mobile devices, people write less and less. Hand writing is really a good thing.

Full-screen capacitance touch allows you to operate your ebook by a simple tap: quick zoom in / out by 2 fingers, annotation, highlight, scribble, any action at your fingertips, accurate and fast.Don’t hesitate, go begin your new day with reading a book on wonderful ONYX BOOX C67ML!

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