Get VAMO V6 to help you develop healthier smoking habit

We all know that smoking is not good for health, but it is really difficult for somebody to quit it, right? If you want to quit smoking, don’t push yourself too hard, you can do it step by step. First of all, you should develop a healthier smoking habit then you can try to smoke less and less, and finally you can make it. And even if you don’t plan to quit smoking, i think you should try your best to reduce the harm from smoking for your family and your friends. Here is a VAMO V6 which can help you develop healthier smoking habit to reduce the harm from smoking.
VAMO V6This is a intelligent and user-friendly Electronic Cigarette Mod. VAMO V6 comes with OLED screen where you can see the puff counter as plain as day. With such feature, you can make a plan for quitting smoking. For example, you can plan to smoke for ten puffs everyday this month and try to achieve it. And if you succeed, you can make a bigger step that you can make the resolution that you should reduce the amount of everyday puff to nine or eight. Less and less puffs you smoke everyday, maybe finally you can totally quit smoking. You can ask somebody to help you in this difficult journey. If you succeed in making even a little step, you can give yourself a treat to make bigger step.
VAMO V6VAMO V6 allows you to adjust the puff by adjusting the wattage from 3.0V to 20.0W in 0.5W increments. If you don’t want to suck too much gas into your body, you can set low wattage. But if you want to make some smoke tricks, it is also easy for you to do them with this mod. The output voltage is displayed on the screen, which is convenient for you to adjust it. What’s more, as a high-quality e-cigarette mod, this gadget provides you with short circuit and load protection to ensure the cigarette has long service life.
VAMO V6Another amazing point is that this cigarette support mobile phone charger function. You can use it as a power bank for your mobile phone. When your phone is out of power or with low power, you can charge your phone with this mod. The battery remaining power of VAMO V6 is displayed on the screen. When the power is too low of the short circuit happens, there is “LO-V” on the screen to warn you to stop charging to protect the mod. Besides, this e-cigarette has stainless and durable steel body which looks elegant and fancy. There is a beautiful laser engraving pattern on the body, making this e-cigarette look better. All in all, it is really worthwhile to try to develop a better smoking or even quit smoking with such a stylish and intelligent E-cigarette.

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