Get to Know More About the Iconic IP Camera Surveillance System

Choosing a security system for your home or business needs is not only a top priority nowadays. While there are various surveillance systems to choose from, we highly recommend going for the IP camera surveillance system. Unlike traditional CCTV cameras that require ethernet cable to link to a video recorder an IP camera records the video itself and can transmit it over the internet or wifi.

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Choosing the best IP camera surveillance system comes with a lot of advantages over and above using other traditional surveillance systems. These include:

1. IP cameras give much more superior image quality compared to traditional CCTV cameras. Indeed IP cameras are cable of capturing 1.3, 2, 3, and even 5-megapixel resolutions.

2. With a good IP camera system, remote access and recording of events are possible. Remote access is possible on any computer or on a smartphone app. It is however not possible with the CCTV cameras that need digital recording systems.

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3. IP cameras are much more cost effective compared to other surveillance systems such as CCTV. It has to do with the ease of installation since no ethernet cables are needed to connect. Additionally since events on an IP camera are stored remotely on a PC or on the cloud the cost of DVRs is eliminated.

4. Good IP cameras are fitted with intelligent technologies that are more effective and translating to better security. They include motion detection, audio detection, and active tampering detection. These built-in features automatically respond to suspicious activities and trigger video recording or sending out alarm notifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions About IP Cameras

  1. What is an IP Camera?

An IP camera is different from a traditional CCTV camera. They transmit video and audio signal wirelessly over the internet or on a local wifi network, which means that viewers can access footage directly on the web or on an application using a PC or a smartphone.

  1. How Many Viewers Can Connect to IP Cameras at the Same Time?

The number of viewers who can simultaneously connect to an IP camera and view footage in real time varies with the brand and model. It is however generally agreed that most IP cameras can support 10 to 20 members watching at the same time.

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  1. Do You Need a Specific Software to Access IP Cameras?

No, you don’t need a specific software to access IP cameras. All that you need to have is a PC that has internet explorer installed in it. Using this browser, you can access the IP camera and get real-time footage anywhere in the world over the internet.

  1. What is the Video Compression Format on IP Cameras?

IP cameras use the highly advanced H.264 video compression format. This compression method is better than the basic MPEG-4 format in many ways. It does not only have a higher compression rate but also renders better images and much more fluent playback.


As we have seen the regular IP camera is much better than a CCTV camera in many ways. IP cameras are therefore a worthy investment in industrial, business and home security which you should try. We hope the article above gives you much more insight into the world of IP cameras and help you make a better-informed choice. For more IP Cameras , please check here.

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