Get the Wanscam IP camera to get closer with your family and get good hold of business

As a parent, you may want to watch your little baby all the time because you want to avoid all the accidents may do harm on your little baby; as a son or daughter, you want to keep an eye on your old and frail parents to better take care of them; as a owner of a company, factory, shop or as a warehouse keeper, you want to monitor the whole place so that all things will be in your grasp. And i think, those are why you need a Wanscam IP camera.
Wanscam HW0021 ip cameraFirst of all, it has COMS lens with the resolution of 100 megapixel, which means it can give you clear 1280*720-pixel image and you won’t miss any details. As a security camera, this point is very important. There are not many products in the market can have such HD lens. What’s more, it supports two-way audio talking. This is particularly good since you can put it the room of your old parents or your little babies, then if they need something, they can tell you through Wanscam IP camera without walking to your room or something, and if something happens, you will know it immediately. And it has its own holder, which can turn up to 270 degrees on the horizontally and turn up to 90 degrees vertically automatically. You can adjust the rotating rate by yourself, which is really user-friendly and let you have the comprehensive knowing of what is going on in the place you monitor.
Wanscam HW0024 ip camera Wanscam HW0024 ip camera
However, as far as i am concerned, the most powerful point is that it has built-in network card and it supports QR code scanning to view on Iphones and Android mobiles directly. Thus you can view the images anytime and anywhere since mobile phones are carried along with by most people almost all day long. Wanscam IP camera has 10 small LED lights which expand the distance for night viewing to 8 to 10 meters. And it supports motion detection, email alert, FTP uploads. And since it is infrared-cut, so no color cast. It won’t affect your sleep at night. You can adjust the resolution according to your needs. For example, if you use it in the situation with less light, you can choose the higher resolution. Coming with the adapter for different countries, Wanscam IP camera is suitable for customers all around the world. What are you waiting for, go get this powerful camera to get closer with your family and get good hold of business.

Wanscam HW0024 ip camera

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