Get handy with a superb electric screwdriver


Have some loose screws in need of tightening or want to build a cupboard but can’t handle the heavy tools?

Well, the solution to your problem is the Raitool electric screwdriver set. It is a light weight screw driver with advanced technology making it a rather easy tool to use.

 electric screwdriver set

long-lasting work time

It is a cordless tool and its 600mAH battery has a high charge capacity, so there is no need to stop your work after every 10 minutes to plug in a charger, and it doesn’t even take high voltage. Only 4.8 volts are required. Its charging time is 3 to 5 hours. Also, it has a torque adjustable function so you can set its 63NM torque according to your need. Furthermore, it has comparatively higher magnetic drill bit and its load speed is 180 RPM.

user-friendly design

This electric screwdriver is made of carbon steel with dimensions 14cm X 14cm. Its design is user-friendly and unique. Its grip is comfortable and doesn’t leave your raw after working. Its T design is easier to control. Also, it is portable and easy to carry. It has an LED battery power indicator, which indicates battery level accurately. Also, if you tend to work in dark, then don’t worry. This tool has an LED light which provides you with visibility in dark areas.electric screwdriver set

Not only this. If you buy Raitool electric screwdriver set, you not only get an exceptional screwdriver but some very useful, reliable and damage resistant accessories which include,

  • an adapter for charging purpose (with frequency according to your country)
  • a cordless screwdriver
  • a bits holder
  • not 1 but 2 drills
  • 450mm driver bits (which don’t crack or break so easily)
  • 28 25mm driver bits
  • 8 sockets

This electric screwdriver set is a sort of one thing, do all type tool. You can use it to drill in wood, tighten loose screws, change your car tyre or any work that you need to do. There is no need for you to hesitate before operating it. All you have to do is not be careless and focus on your work.

electric screwdriver setIts usefulness and ability to facilitate its users to the utmost level are the reason for it being rated with 5 out 5 stars. Its users call it a beautiful master piece and say that using it is not like running a marathon. The chances of error are comparatively low. Even a beginner can use it without any complications. Its design helps maintain a strong grip on the handle and the chances of it slipping through your fingers are quite low. Also, it doesn’t cause blisters on your fingers for holding it for some time. Its users also say that it is enough powerful to drill in wood without tearing it wrongly.

So, give it a try and you will know if worth buying.





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