Get Electric Paint Spray Gun to bring yourself lots of fun and convenience

Electric Paint Spray GunAre you still bothered by the noise brought by spraying? How to get even coating? How to solve the problem that roller coating cost so much emulsion paint? There is one thing that can solve all these problems for you: Electric Paint Spray Gun. Saving paint, strong adhesion, even coating, convenient washing, and potability, these spray gun can really help you in painting.

First of all, it comes with hand shank covered by soft plastic materials, which makes you feel comfortable when holding it even for long time. This gun is easy to be disassembled, so when you finish the painting, you can disassemble the components to clean them, so that the service life of your gun can be prolonged, and this is convenient for your next-time use. What’s more, with a flow control knob, you can adjust the flow to get the perfect painting. I have used it to paint my DIY toy car last week. I was surprised to find out that the coating Electric Paint Spray Gun gave was delicate and even, and the adhesion of paint was so strong. I especially liked the spraying, which was really powerful!
Electric Paint Spray GunElectric Paint Spray Gun
To ensure the long service life of this gun, there are some holes for fast heat dissipation on the back. Adopting full copper motor, this gun gives you high working efficiency. Each component of Electric Paint Spray Gun has been through environment testing, and the product passes E, GS and ROHS certification. It is suitable for car, furniture, equipment, guardrail and house decoration. For me, before i bought this product, i super hate the idea of painting the walls or ceilings, but now i am looking forward to doing it, because all the jobs will be very easy with this gun, with lots of fun. I don’t have to spend extremely long time painting anymore. With it, maybe i can finish the task with one day. All in all, it is really a good product. You should not miss it!

Electric Paint Spray Gun Specs:

TypElectric Paint Spray Gune : JST81001
Working Voltage : 220V-50Hz
Power : 100W
Tank Capacity : 800ml
The Air Flow : 300ml/min
The Nozzle Diameter : 0.8mm


ECO friendly material and excellent workmanship
Each component through environmental testing
Product passes CE,GS and ROHS certification
Equipped with full copper motor ensure high working efficiency
Spray paint evenly with low noise
Spraying flow is adjustable
Fit for car ,furniture,equipment,guardrail,house decoration
Can removable,easy to use

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