Get best security camera Sricam AP009 at a super nice price

Sricam AP009

It is impossible for you to know all the people. And the same goes for knowing a people completely. There are always some people with bad intentions and they try to take advantage of other people even by some illegal approaches. Therefore, you have to know how to protect yourselves from being harmed and to protect your property. That’s why you should get a security cam. And here is a good one, Sricam AP009 with attractive price i want to recommend.
Sricam AP009This is a 720p wireless waterproof p2p IR IP camera. First of all, it has 6.0mm fixed, wide-angle lens, which gives you sharp, clear and big pictures. Compared with other products, the image quality of this cam is better since the luminance is sufficient and the pixel it offers is rather high. You may be surprised at the picture quality at this price. What’s more, supporting motion detection, this cam can capture photos automatically and email them to you. Thus if something weird happens, you can know immediately. For example, if a thief try to intrude, Sricam AP009 will catch that scene and inform you at once.

This p2p cam supports remote monitoring. Even if you are not at home, you can still view the place on your iPhone, Android phones, iPad. This sounds cool, because you can just use a phone to monitor everything in your house for 24 hours. This is extremely suitable for people who often have to travel on business. With the help of app on your phones your tablets, you can adjust the view easily to meet your needs. For example, you can zoom Sricam AP009 up or down, adjust the brightness, resolution, contrast to best fit your eyes. What’s more, with two-way audio, you can directly speak to the people in the monitored place. A boss can easily give the instructions to staffs using this cam. And staffs can give feedback.

Sricam AP009

Supporting night vision, you still can get sharp and clear pictures at night to help you avoid the burglary. With the wifi or LAN, worldwide control is not just a dream anymore. To be another attractive point, Sricam AP009 is waterproof so that it is suitable for outside monitoring. Supporting QR can, you can connect the wifi with just a QR code. All in all, with a low price and so many strong features, i don’t think you are willing to miss this item.

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