Get a 360 view of all your printings with a DIY 3d printer

The art of printing has taken a new twist giving all the details that one may require. From the ease of printing, monitor printing, increased size, easy to control and heating temperature control, printing has been made simpler. Whether you are considering an image printing or just printing of plain text don’t worry about all details can now be given.


Without clear knowledge of best DIY 3d printer, it can be difficult to have or order a diy 3d printer. You must first understand the nature and how to perfectly select your 3d printer kit before you can assemble the printer to suit your desires. Considering the budget set aside for your 3D printer, there is always something in store for you. You will need some basic skills to get a DIY 3d printer that will perform all your printing works perfectly.

3d printer kit

How to select?

DIY 3d printer kit now comes with very important features that make it perfect. It has a perfect frame material and has a perfect SD card slot that makes the work perfect. It has a perfect way of monitoring the printing processes as it comes with an LCD monitoring screen that also enables a preview before printing. Measurements are made perfect for all the directions considering all the XY and Z. The printer provides a quality detailed single color printing with a layer resolution of o.1mm. The speed is equally important and excellent at 100mm/s and has a maximum print size 220*220*230mm.


It has a nozzle temperature between 210- 250 degrees and an adjustable heating plate temperature between 50-110 degrees that sits on an aluminum plate. It has a data format in STL and G-code and allows data input through SD card or USB transfer line. 3D printer comes with different options and comes accommodate different operating systems including Windows 7,8,10, Linux, XP, Vista, and MAC that makes it accommodate different software. It has a perfect size of 500*400*450mm, with a weight of 8-9 kgs hence can do almost all the required sizes.

3d printer kit

A high quality DIY 3d printer when well picked can give you the best results. To get value for your money and ensure a quality product, you need to consider all the details in the 3d printer kit. Before you settle on what to buy and where to buy it from, it’s important to consider the cost from the different available sources and compare the prices. Don’t pick complicated and technical 3d printer when you only want to enjoy the printing element


The market is today full with a 3d printer and DIY 3d printer has changed the impossible to very possible. Adopting the 3d printing technology will help you take care of your printing future. Getting them on pictures and word of mouth may not be the best, order for one today and get the best experience. It becomes very interesting to be able to see the details of both text and images giving you a 360-degree view. The DIY 3d printer can be amazing when you have it at home just to ensure all your printing work is excellent. It can give you the best when in commercial sector considering posters, banners, fliers and many other designs that will require printing.

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