Why Geekcreit LCD Screen Module is So Popular?

There are features that make a product very popular. You would desire to see the best descriptions of the items since they make it so great. The rate at which goods are saleable must be very important to look at. Below are the popular features of Geekcreit LCD Screen Module.

Geekcreit LCD Screen Module

The popularity of Geekcreit LCD Screen Module

Cardboard box Packaging

The Geekcreit LCD Screen module comes when it is sealed in an anti-static bag. Its also well wrapped and situated in a cardboard box. The other feature for the screen makes it famous because it is nice and bright. It is also simple in operating with a good user interface to read and understand.

Low Power Consumption

It has a low voltage supply, the five voltage electricity usage, which is minimal and efficient for home appliances and saves on energy. It is very important because the module is favourable in conversing electric consumption.

 Geekcreit LCD Screen Module

Excellent Display

The high quality and 100% featured module is the best for replacement of LCD screen which is faulty. First, it is used to repair display problems, dead pixels, cracked LCD screens, and wrong screen colour issues.

Best approval rate

The reviews give the module the best ever 4 to a 5-star rating. The module is very important which receives recommended 100% working abilities and has been tested before shipment. The module is approved to be excellent in working properly and does not bring faults to the LCD screen.

 Geekcreit LCD Screen Module

The Best General specifications

  1. The module resolution has good specs of about 128 (RGB) × 160 resolution.
  2. It has an interface of 12C
  3. Its display colour is yellow blue.
  4. It has fully assembled and tested serial LCD 20 × 4 module
  5. It display format is 20 characters × 4 lines
  6. The module is easily interfaced with an MCO
  7. It has a powerful control chip of SSD1306
  8. The module has the best working temperature of about -40 up to 70℃
  9. The module is fitted with the very best switchable rear resistor to use.

 Geekcreit LCD Screen Module

Why is it so popular?

It is well protected and working while its display is of good quality. The reason for its good quality comes from the TFT shield inbuilt.

The module product is very well priced and has an affordable price

  1. It works as intended and also is compatible with Arduino Nano.
  2. The LCD screen is very easy to use and easily packaged. Then, it has powerful brightness and colour that is very excellent that does not disappoint the users.
  3. The module is very well manufactured and perfectly works.
  4. The TFT LCD module has a very fabulous great viewing angle.
  5. The module has good compatibility with Arduino Due and the CTE shield.
  6. The Module has an easy wiring method. Wiring 1, wiring 2, wiring 3 and wiring 4.
  7. The module is good since it displays OLED display SPI interface.
  8. It is weight is about 5g, which means that it has lightweight.


Depending on your quality of module you aspire to have, chose the best quality which has the best features mentioned as above popularity of the Geekcreit LCD Screen Module. For more information about the product, please check here.

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