Gator Grip review: multi-function and universal repair tool

I think everyone should happen that the home water tap has broken and you have to ask the maintenance staff to repair and wait a long time. Today, I would like to introduce you one helpful tool called Gator Grip, which is multi-function and universal that you can use it to do the repair by yourself and save time.
Gator Grip reviewJust as the pictures you can see that it is polished chrome finish and internally by 58 high-carbon steel hardness pole constituted. It has the length of 52*26mm, net weight of 163 grams and its using range is 7 to 19mm.Upon the compact and portable shape, it is easy and convenient for you to carry and the largely reason is that it can do the work of many tools, such as, sets of sockets, standard locking pliers, an entire range of open end wrenches and so on. With one tool and you can do various repair work. No matter to say it can remove irregular screws, which is the function the normal tool do not own.
Gator GripThe ingenious Gator Grip makes half of your toolbox obsolete for it fitting virtually anything. The one socket fits fasteners of almost any shape – square, hex, wing nuts, cup hooks, eye screws and even broken, stripped and rusted nuts the other wrenches can’t move. It can be used in daily furniture installation, large machine repairs, workpiece assembly, etc.
Gator GripIn concluded, Gator Grip is a practical and universal tool and I think it will be your good helper, especially in dealing with the daily life repair problems.

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