The FrSky X9D was, undoubtedly, doubt, the most well-known FrSky radio for years. Even with rivalry from other brands such as Spektrum, Futaba, etc., FrSky managed to get a large following with their line of Taranis products and at the forefront is the FrSky X9D.

Naturally, following quite a while of progress, Frsky delivered an upgraded version of the ever-popular X9D with the X9D Plus variant and have subsequently phased out the original X9D transmitter from its product offering.

frsky x9d plus

FrSky X9D Impressions

The unboxing experience is entirely acceptable. The X9D plus comes in a carry case that is joined with all acquisition of the transmitter.

The transmitter accompanies the following accessories: Charger, Carry Case, Lanyard (Neck strap), Battery (pre-installed), 1GB SD Card (pre-installed)

That is a lot of stuff to get you started, and my favorite is the carry case as it is very tedious and dangerous to carry your transmitter without any protection. This hard convey case will shield it quite easily.


Power Button

Outwardly of the radio, there are a few changes to observe.  The first is the all-important power button.  On all older versions of the device, this is a slide switch, but taking a page from the X-Lite and QX7, this has been transformed to a button.  To power on the unit, hold down the power button, and the LCD screen will cycle, showing you it’s powering up.  As soon as the screen changes, you can release the button.  Again, to power the unit down, hold down the power button. If you let it go while it’s cycling, the force won’t turn off. This forestalls any inadvertent closure of the radio while you have a model in the air, which we all know would be just slightly inconvenient.

frsky x9d plus

Menu Navigation

Additionally, a change to note is the scroll wheel on the right side of the controller.  Gone are the additional three buttons to navigate the menu system in OpenTX.  The scroll wheels permit you to FLY through the menus (and I do mean that, it’s super-sensitive).


On the off chance that your eyes are sharp, you have just seen the mole on the left shoulder of the FrSky X9D Plus. But a wart it is not!  However, it is a momentary button that can be used for just about anything you can think of.  For me, I use it to reset my flight clock. (Indeed, we utilize a flight clock, even with OSD, I’m old fashioned that way). The switches and pots all around the transmitter have been updated, with a noticeable vibe over the first FrSky Taranis X9D Plus.

Stick Ends

Last, however, absolutely not least, the gimbal sticks come correctly enriched with the FrSky Lotus stick closes. These are a clear move up to the standard stick closes on the old X9D Plus, and somewhat less stabby (indeed, it’s a word… it’s my statement) than the ones that were stock on the first FrSky Taranis X9D Plus Special Edition. The lotus style stick closes work better for thumb clients in all actuality, yet they give some encouraging feedback for squeeze and crossover clients.

Battery Charging

Gone is the barrel plug on the FrSky Taranis X9D Plus SE. Instead, it supports the inside charging of Li-Ion and Li-Po batteries using USB. Note that no battery accompanies the transmitter; you should source one yourself. The more established Taranis models could acknowledge up to 3S force, yet that is not true anymore. While you could utilize the NiMH battery that the old Taranis models delivered with, the USB charging framework won’t charge it, so you should locate an elective method.


Low cost considering extensive functionality.

Quieter than its predecessor.

Haptic vibration alerts, handy if flying with headphones.

Coloured back-lit screen.

Easier firmware upgrades via SD.


Build quality is good but not great.

THE Supplied SD card is low-quality.

The standard antenna can be improved.

Would benefit from scroll-wheel.


During our review, we mentioned that an antenna modification is ubiquitous for the Taranis X9D-Plus. This modification allows the attachment of higher-gain antennas and protects the fragile antenna mount by replacing it with an RP-SMA port. You can find this amazing product on for US$229.00 only.

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