For photography beginners, what accessories are necessary? (part 3)


Except for some lens, the tripod and the PTZ, some filters, the shutter line we used to mention in part 1 and 2, today, we will continue to introduce some used frequently accessories to beginners who are just getting started with photography, hoping to deepen your understanding of the technique and function of using these camera accessories.


External Camera Flash Light

Not only can the dslr camera flash have a larger flash output, but you can also turn the flash and use the reflections to create softer, more appealing light. At the same time, you can also add color filters, softbox and other studio equipment for more professional portrait photos. The Photo Studio Equipment, in fact, is not just for professional studio, amateurs can also try to get touch with it, and you will have an exactly different feeling. Some of you might consider the professional photo studio equipment will be extremely expensive, however, you can also find some affordable ones that can do a nice job.

Camera Accessories

Photo Studio Equipment:

  1. Photo Studio Light

The photography lighting kits include Lamp Holder, Softbox, Light Stands and so on.

2.Photography backdrop background

Camera Accessories

In the non-shooting days, we should put the camera and the lens in the Cabinets, and other camera accessories such as various filters, flashing lights, and transmitters, etc. should be well organized. But for some items, no matter what the shooting subject is, we should make sure that we have these Camera Accessories items in our camera bag.

  1. Extra Camera Battery

If your camera is out of power, it will not be of any use. So the camera bag must have more than one backup battery that has been fully charged.

  1. Camera Memory Card

There should be more than one Camera SD Card, to prevent excessive photos and not enough storage capacity.

  1. Lens cleaning supplies

Dust weather, rain or accidentally dirt is inevitable, it is recommended to have at least a camera lens cloth. I will recommend the disposable lens paper, which it is difficult to leave any smudge. Be careful not to use the ordinary facial tissue, as it will have a great chance of leaving small paper scraps on the lens.

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