For photography beginners, what accessories are necessary? (part 2)


Except for some lens, the tripod and the PTZ we used to mention in part 1, today, we will continue to introduce some used frequently Camera Accessories to beginners who are just getting started with photography, hoping to deepen your understanding of the technique and function of using these Camera Accessories.

Camera Accessories

Various lens

Just like some photo edit APPs, we like to use, the camera lens filter will also make our photos even more outstanding and closer to the effect we want.

  1. CPL filter

The CPL filter filters reflections, making the sky bluer and is useful for shooting skies, landscapes, rivers, leaves, and more. But be careful not to buy poor quality filters, or uneven prone or uneven color situation will happen!

  1. GND filter

Gradient gray filter is most commonly used to balance the ground light and skylight so that the sky and the ground level can be displayed at the same time, is the key to shoot beautiful landscape photos, sunrise and sunset photos.

Camera Accessories

Shutter line / remote control

Shutter line is not necessary, but because the price is cheap, earlier use of the shutter line can make your learning faster. The shutter line allows you to avoid moving the camera when shooting at slow shutter speeds, and to make the B-shutter more convenient without pressing the shutter button for a long time. For the timer shutter line, it is mainly used for long-distance control, exposure, continuous shooting. It can control the camera to take pictures and prevent contact with the camera surface causing vibration, to prevent damage to the integrity of the picture.


Adjustable ND

Adjustable ND can be used to block the light to the extent of the lens as you wish. It is of great use when shooting water during the daytime. Of course, this may be for the slightly higher level.


Camera Bags 

You can also carry a Camera Backpack which is compact, lightweight, durable and easy to carry protecting your camera against damages, dust, and scratches. The soft internal layer will protect the LCD screen from scratches and bumps, so it’s great for outdoor sports.


Camera Straps

Camera straps like camera neck straps, Camera Shoulder Strap, or Camera Wrist Strap are of great necessity since you can hold your camera so much safer with a camera strap.




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