For photography beginners, what accessories are necessary? (part 1)


For the definition of photographic equipment accessories, in fact, can be summed up as cameras, lenses, related photography accessories and a variety of related photography activities items collectively. If it is the old camera, then it will include film and so on. So from a professional point of view, photographic Camera Accessories include what? What Camera Accessories should beginners be equipped with?

Camera Accessories

As a wide range of photographic equipment, in addition to the common SLR cameras, of which there are many photographic equipment accessories, including all kinds of Zoom Camera Lens, fixed focus lens, Camera Flash, color filter for various purposes, camera bag, camera tripod, studio flash, softbox, various lamp stands, reflector, lens cap, camera monopod, camera cleaning equipment, shutter line and so on. Today, I mainly introduce some used frequently accessories to beginners who are just getting started with photography, hoping to deepen their understanding of the technique and function of using these camera accessories.

Camera Accessories

Camera Lens that beginners can master

  1. Large aperture fixed focus lens

Large aperture lenses, such as f / 1.4, f / 2.8, etc. allow the photographer easily take depth effects or shoot in low-light conditions, while large-aperture fixed-focus lenses are not very expensive (it’s so much cheaper compared with large aperture zoom Lens), very suitable for beginners to learn.

  1. Ultra-wide-angle lens

The camera wide angle lens such as 12mm, 14mm and so on, as it can create wide visual and distorted effect, so it can shoot landscape photos with strong impact. So wide-angle lens is suitable for beginners to practice shooting scenery photos. You should also prepare a nice Camera Lens Cover to protect your lens.

 Camera Accessories

Camera Tripod Monopod

Many beginners may find the Camera Supports cumbersome, so they consider that they will only need the Camera Tripods when they are more advanced. In fact, there are many scenes such as night scene, water flow, Light Painting, Star tracks, sunrise, sunset, etc. Need to be shot with a slow shutter. No tripod, these effects can not be created. Therefore, a solid tripod in the early stage of learning is very important. The main function of the camera tripod is to stabilize the camera to achieve some photographic effects. Today’s tripod has lighter material but is also more solid.



PTZ and the tripod are very related. A PTZ that can lock the camera is also very useful. A good quality PTZ is well worth the investment because it can be used for a long time and has a great influence on the quality of photos.



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