EZCast lan box, providing stable Internet accessing and wireless sharing

Have you sometimes thought the wifi with a weak signal? Don’ t worry, EZCast lan box will help you solve this problem. It is integrated with Fast Ethernet LAN port and 2×2 Wifi that provides you more stable internet access and has the wireless sharing function. Especially suitable for business travelers. Then, let me tell you some details about it.
EZCast LAN BoxJust as you can see through the pictures, it has a simple appearance. White color makes it seem elegant. And it has small size, just as big as the size of iPhone 5 cellphone. Besides, it has three interfaces, one HDMI output interface, one USB port for power charge and one Ethernet slot. Above the box, you can see there is a LED indicating light, telling you the power and WIFI statue, very useful design.
EZCast LAN BoxEZCast LAN Box is an enhanced version of EZCast dongle series. Therefore, it has a new hardware design. It was integrated with wireless display and Ethernet connection that brings you much more stable streaming performance and facilitating wireless sharing with wired connection. Upon the wireless display function, it supports multiple wifi display standards, including Miracast, DLNA and airplay, which suitable for largely parts of the applications.
EZCast LAN BoxIn concluded, on my opinion, EZCast LAN Box will bring you wonderful user experience, not only upon the stable internet assess function, but also upon the wireless sharing feature, I’ m sure that it is extremely good for you.EZCast LAN Box

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