ESP8266 WIFI Development Board For Arduino Module Board Enthusiasts

Do you like to DIY the Arduino module boards? If your answer is yes, then this article is benefit for you. Because I will share you one kind of cheap price and easy operation Arduino module board here. It is one kind of wifi development board, even the novices can handle it. Then, let me tell you some of its detailed information.

ESP8266 ESP-12E is one kind of WIFI development board that built-in TCP / IP protocol stack to support multiple TCP Client connections (5 MAX). And it supports STA / AP / STA + AP three operating modes. Besides, it supports UART / GPIO data communication interface and smart link smart networking.

ESP8266 ESP-12E

Moreover, supporting remote firmware upgrade ( OTA ) function, it allows you to upgrade it to a new chip of CH340 since 2015/10/1. This one features various version software appliances, so it has a wide range use. And it contains the serial number and identification CH34X monitoring CH34X equipment swap library. The driver address is here:

ESP8266 ESP-12E

If you wanna search the optimization performance wifi transceiver, you could take a consideration upon ESP8266 ESP-12F. Compared with ESP8266 ESP-12E, it takes new breakthrough of four-layer board design, which used the new revision antenna RF performance optimization to increase communication by 30% to 50%. If you take no higher demands upon the module board, you could choose the former.

ESP8266 ESP-12F

These two products both can be purchased at Banggood. If you take no higher demands upon the wifi transceiver, ESP8266 ESP-12E should be one of the good choice. And this one has 10Pcs ESP8266 ESP-12E wifi transceiver product can be reached via Banggood, which costs in a low price of $ 23.6.

10Pcs ESP8266 ESP-12E

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