Escam QF502 Security camera, building a completely home security system

Talking about the Escam, everyone would be familiar with it, for it is the leader in the field of network video monitoring in the world. Now, this company releases a powerful equipment called Escam QF502 Security camera. Whatever arises your interest in it, it is no matter a good product. Next, let me introduce you this type of camera.
Escam QF502 Security cameraEscam QF502 Security camera is a powerful keeper can be used in a home security system, which with alarm sensor security IP camera. It can place in anywhere as you like. Compared with other IP camera, it is more powerful that one of it can support up to 64 pieces sensors and disarm up to 8 areas, such as kitchen, balcony, living room, bedroom, patio, door, warehouse and so on. If one of them get triggered, the linkage alarm will ring. The detecting limitation is 10 meters of each sensor and you even can through the phone to watch the monitoring situation and receive the alarm ring.
Escam QF502 Security cameraWhen we go out, we may sometimes worry about the conditions of our home, such as, door close, gas leak, strangers sneak into and so on. Escam QF502 Security camera integrated with various RF433 alarm sensors, such as, door or window sensor, smoke detector, passive infrared sensor, combustible gas detector, meet with all your needs in your home security. We can take it easy and just notice the information of our phones.

What I admire the Escam QF502 Security camera most is that it has SOS wristband application. Configuring enhanced SOS alarm, you do not miss any emergency during you go out, which you can know the incidents of your familiars, especially the little child or the old.
Escam QF502 Security camera(1) Escam QF502 Security camera(1)Escam QF502 Security camera(1)All in all, if you want to install a home security camera, Escam QF502 Security camera will be you best choice. It not only prevents the strangers from sneaking into your home, but also takes care of your familiars, a good home keeper. I’ m sure you would not be regret if you buy it.

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