Escam QF500 Rerview: Super Camera with Easy Installations and Strong Features

The Picture of Escam QF500Adopting megapixel HD lens, built-in microphone, micro SD card recording, 5DB wireless antenna, alarm RF433M HZ antenna and supporting wifi, pan tilt, infrared night-vision light and view on mobile phones, Escam QF500 is really a super security camera. And what’s more, it has a really nice price. Now, lets check this cam out and you may find out that this cam can help you solve many problems which have bothered you for a long time in daily life.

First of all, this Escam camera supports QR code scan to setup wifi. The wifi name and password has been converted to one QR code, just put the code in front of IP camera lens, in 3 to 5s, the wifi will be connected after one “bee” sound. You don’t need any cables or computers at all. What’s more, it can be integrated with alarm door sensor, when door sensor alarm happen, it will push alarm notification to mobile phone with alarm alert sound. You can monitor your house for 24 hours, so breaking into your house becomes difficult for burglars. Besides the door sensor, Escam QF500 also supports up to 64 pcs sensors and disarm up to 8 areas. One of them get triggered, there is one linkage alarm. Thus when one place is intruded by people with bad intention, you or other relative people can be informed at once. The linkage alarm of this camera is more accurate compared with those of others. The accuracy can reach 99%.

Escam QF500(3)Both of the operation and installation are super easy. Installation is mostly about some plug and play. Just pressing one key you can arm or disarm Escam QF500. Or you can use mobile phones or tablets to achieve remote control when you are out of the place monitored. This cam supports iOS and android OS. Once alarm ip camera get RF triggered signal from detectors, besides pushing notification to smart phones, it also makes loud alarm sound in your phones. Integrated with rich alarm sensor, such as door/window, smoke detector, passive infrared sensor, combustible gas leak detector, and etc, this cam not only helps you avoid burglary but also fire disasters. And with sos wristband application, it can even help to protect your family. When your old parents fell on the floor and break the back, you can get informed through phones immediately and help them.

Adopting 720p HD lens, Escam QF500 can provide you better picture and further vision. Plus the H.264 video compression and IR-CUT dual filter, you will wow at the picture this cam present to you. Strengthened two way audio allows you to talk to your baby and hear their cute voice. The pan tilt can give you almost all-direction view so that you won’t miss any corner or detail.The Picture of Escam QF500

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