Escam QD300 IP Camera realizes HD remote real-time monitoring

Escam QD300 Security IP CameraSecurity camera has entered our daily life since the world was full of violent incidents or unexpected attacks. Specially for people who have to pay attention to family and personal belongings, they really need a security camera like Escam QD300 IP Camera. As we know, real-time monitoring was not just used in public place, but most people choose to install it their house to keep the limited range of place safe. The mini cameras now are of comprehensive functions which could be reached after you install it and connect it with your mobile phone or personal computer. You do not have to stay home to make sure everything is under good situation, and the mobile electronics will remind you of something unusual.

First of all, the outlook of Escam QD300 IP Camera is very neat and cute with brick style and compact design, and it is of nice appearance with total pure white color. The camera is allowed to be used at very hostile environment due to its strong durability and IP66 waterproof performance. And it supports many electronic device like mobile phone, PC and tablet. If you could not put down your little kid with its nanny or old family stay home alone, then install a security camera, and you will take everything under the control. Your naughty kids will be safe and sound, and the old family will be better looked after. What’s more, there is no longer thieves dare to break your window. When the motion detected, the system will trigger alarm email, and users could get the email alert on the PC or mobile phone.

In addition, the camera supports both day and night real-time monitoring, effectively provides your 24 hours safe protection. Escam QD300 IP Camera is of pretty smart size which just takes an adult palm, and it supports 4pcs privacy mask areas, if you want to real-time monitor large areas, I suggest you using three or four cameras specially when you live at a big house. Besides, it took dual stream with the main stream for local view and sub stream for remote transmission, which could overcome bandwidth limitation provides relatively HD real-time monitoring.

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