Enjoy your peaceful and relaxing night reading with Boyue T62 android ebook reader

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If you ask me when is the most comfortable time to read, i will say at the peaceful night. After you finish the work of a whole long day and drag the weary body to home, all i want to do is to lie on the sofa, listen to some soft music and read a good book. It is especially good that you read at peaceful late night, although it is not so healthy and not good for your eyes. It will be really awesome that i can have a ebook reader suitable for night reading, since most reader on the market can’t meet this requirement. If you sound like me, then maybe Boyue T62 android ebook reader is your best choice.

For people who sometimes have to read without enough light, this ebook reader can provide them with good reading environment. With built-in reading lamp technology and 25 levels of adjustable brightness, you can enjoy comfortable light while reading on Boyue T62. The light is cast from the top to the bottom, and distributed evenly. You can find that the light is so soft that it can protect your eyes and decrease the visual fatigue. This screen won’t reflect light even under the dazzling light, suitable for outdoor reading too.

Boyue T62 android ebook reader What’s more, it adopts brand new E-INK screen with 1024*758 resolution, making the fonts clear and sharp. When you look at it, you will feel like looking at a real book. It supports taking notes, adding bookmarks, horizontal and vertical reading. All these you can do on real books can be done on it too. Besides. With Wifi, 8G RAM, and TF card up to 32G,you can download any ebook you like in it. And online resource so abundant that you can find almost everything you want. If you don’t want to carry it all the time, then you can download the same app which you use in Boyue T62 android ebook reader in your smartphones, notebooks or tablet. Then even without it, you can still keep reading your favorite books.

As for the battery, Boyue T62 has built-in 3000mah lithium battery which can have full power after just 4-hour charging. According to the data from the laboratory, this ebook reader can provide you 160-hour reading, 90-hour website browsing, 330-hour standby, although the data will change in different environments.

As a worker, you may need more reading to be more competent; as a stylish white collar, you read to enjoy the fun and life; as a father or mother, you need more reading to better educate your children. Start your interesting reading journey with this android ebook reader!

Boyue T62 android ebook reader Boyue T62 android ebook reader Boyue T62 android ebook reader

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