Ender 3 and Ender 3 pro Head to Head Features

Power supply

Ender pro had to be properly upgraded because Ender 3 did not have a good power supply. The Ender 3 new version, has been equipped with a Mean Power Supply Unit. The unit is not only quieter and thinner but also more powerful. Aside from that, the power supply is better advanced than insulated for the Ender 3 Pro over its older counterpart. The provision of electricity will become very erratic which will lead to problems if the power supply is weak no wonder it is very important to have a good power supply.

Ender 3 pro

Fan placement

The original Ender 3 came with a large board fan which has been mounted right on top of the printer’s base, which, means that pieces and bits of the printing filaments are used to fall on higher speed rotating blades. After the customers addressed their feedbacks, they placed this fan in a better position which is at the bottom of the Ender 3 Pro printer. The fan of the pro it is very important where it helps to reduce the noise level to a great extent.

Newly Redesigned Magnetic Print Surface

The Ender 3 Pro has a magnetic bed which is easy to remove and flexible, which is the main aim to fame the printing sheet. And once the prints are done, you will have to pluck them off the build plate. This feature has contributed to an era of reliability and convenience.

The Resume printing feature

Here is another function that will not only resume printing right from the point where the printing has stopped in case of a power outage but also recover fully your builds. This function has been found with expensive models and top-end.

Print quality

The large and robust bearing, the extruder set up, the aluminum extrusion: all of them combine, they give a build quality which is on another level.  Sheer attention has been instrumental in propelling the pro in the ranks of the best printer.


When it comes to the baseline of the budget printers, the original Creality Ender 3 offers the best due to its low price. The Ender 3 Pro has a much wider and sturdier aluminum extrusion which available on the Y-axis base of the machine. Due to its stability to build the platform, it is an important feature to take consideration of, if you think the print quality is important.




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