Emish x700 android box review: RK 3128 Quad Core 1080p WIFI TV Box

Until today, TV box not only has been used in receiving more TV programs, but also in playing games or watching the HD online movies, etc. Today, I would like to introduce you an useful Emish x700 android box, which brings you more amazing playing ways. Then, let me introduce you some detailed information about it.
Emish x700 android box reviewIt is a Android TV box, equipped with Android 4.2.2 OS system. In other words, you can download various Apps from the Android market, very practical tub it is. And it has installed a lot of software before, such as, YouTube, Twitter, Skype, Facebook and so on. Besides, it has a fashionable and unique appearance design and comes with two USB storage interfaces. Supporting plug and play, no drives required that easy and convenient in operating.
Emish x700 android tv boxEmish x700 android box can be used in three more ways. First, just as the common TV box, it can watch the HD movies, including blue ray 3D movies. Second, it can be used as a mini PC, connecting with a mouse and you can surf on the Internet. Three, you can use it to play games, just plus a gamepad and you can do it. All of these operations can through wired networking or WIFI, realizing easy and simple use.
Emish x700 review Emish x700 android boxI think you may love it when you use Emish x700 android box at once. With this product, you can greatly enjoy the movies, videos, and games, etc. Easy operation and convenient use, you will love it!

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