EleksMaker® Laser Engraving Machine

This is a device that uses light produce through the radiation process to curve a picture on a given object. This machine does not use inks either does it involve manual cutting of objects. It just uses radiation emissions! In this review, we will look at EleksMaker® Laser Engraving Machine.

EleksMaker® Laser Engraving MachineFeatures

The brand name of this machine is EleksMaker® and it is of the model Eleks laser-A3-pro2.5W.The material used to manufacture it is aluminum and acrylic. It has a communication port called MicroUSB and it can use about 12 volts. Its working current is DC 4-5A. The device also has an inbuilt system support given as winxp/7/8/10. The support formats of this device include jpg, bmp, svg and G-code. The software systems for controlling this device may include Elekscam, Litefire, and GrbLcontroller etc. However, it cannot use benbox!

This machine can work in line with a software that regulates the supply of laser power. This software is referred to as Mana SE controller board and can be downloaded from the internet.

EleksMaker® Laser
Engraving Machine weights about 4.6kg and can be used to engrave wood, plastic, paper, leather etc. However, it cannot be used to curve or cut objects such as metal, stone, glass, or those materials that reflect light or allow light to pass through them. This engraver has been certified by CE, FCC and FDA hence it is recommended for use.

AdvantagesEleksMaker® Laser Engraving Machine(1)

This device uses less lesser power compared to other engraving machines, for instance, it can use up to 2.5W/2500Mw. It also has a shorter wavelength of about 445nm thus it can engrave objects at a higher velocity. Besides, it has a higher engraving accuracy of 0.01mm.In addition, it provides a larger engraving area hence it has no limitations on the height to be engraved. Nevertheless, it can prints pictures easily. The retailer of this device also provides a warranty for one month so in case it is damaged before the expiry of this period, you can return it. EleksMaker® Laser can be used by someone who has limited skills since it provides low light turning function and
is also equipped with functions that facilitate easier positioning.


This device can curve more precisely since it is fitted with positioning and turning functions. It is also compatible with laptops hence it is much more efficient. Furthermore, it has no limitation on the height to be engraved thus you can curve an object of any height. Also, the format on how to assemble it is provided on the internet hence you may not require any technician to do it for you. It also has a higher moving speed thus you will need less time to complete your work. From this, you can see that EleksMaker® Laser Engraving Machine is the best laser engraver machine to use!

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