ELEGOO SATURN 3D Printer Review

It’s amazing how far 3D printers have come five years ago. Then, when you say 3D printers, people will think of expensive machines that take too long to print. And they won’t be right.

But things have changed. You already have a fast and economical 3D printer. But even if they are affordable, there is no clear compromise. You still get a quality device that can produce attractive high-resolution prints.

3D printer

The Elegoo Saturn 3D printer is one of these devices. The masked stereolithography technology allows the Elegoo Saturn to offer fast print times with decent resolution. It is also a printer that offers a large number of compilations at the price you want.

What features Of Elegoo Saturn You Need To Know? And do you have to buy it? Read and learn more about these 3D printers.


4K monochrome LCD

The most notable alteration from Mars, unsurprisingly, is the LCD screen. The Elego Saturn has an 8.9-inch (23 cm) monochrome LCD display with 4K resolution. With an build area of ​​192 x 120 mm, it provides a total XY resolution of 0.050 mm (50 microns).

3D printer

For the uninitiated, the paragraph above may sound fair enough. Great specs to enhance the familiar Mars printing experience. The reality of how much better Saturn is found in one little word – monochrome.

Monochrome LCDs are a little bit different beast than LCDs, which are often used in budget resin printers. Mono-LCD significantly shortens layer cure times by allowing higher light intensity through the mask it is displaying. The Elegoo Saturn prints quickly in addition to the larger print. The second shift time will be average compared to the 8 seconds reported for the original printer on Mars (and even the Saturn beta version).

Monochrome screens are also said to last longer than standard LCD screens. In general, the life of the LCD panel is about 500 hours. Since Elegoo doesn’t provide any information about life expectancy, we can only guess. But of course every subsequent hour is accepted.

Print resolution

As a direct result of using 4K screens instead of the 2K panels that are common on such devices (and were actually meant to be originally), the Saturn should be able to push for the same level of detail as it’s a smaller sibling on many of the larger prints. This 3840 x 2400 pixel division divided by this 8.9-inch mono LCD results in a pixel size of 0.05 mm (50 microns).

The Elegoo Mars 2K panel – along with other MSLA 3D printers comparable to a 2K display as a light source – has a pixel size of 0.047 mm (47 micrometers), meaning that Saturn prints are more similar, if the resulting quality is indistinguishable. The 3D printer filament is quite remarkable.

Cooling fan

The Elego Saturn has a second fan to keep the engine cool during operation. In general, the LCD display degrades over time when exposed to heat. To extend the life of the monochrome panels, Elegoo has upgraded the Saturn.

Unfortunately, the Saturn does not have an air filtration system which we were told will be released as a separate upgrade after the Saturn launch.

Double Linear Rails

With an enlarged build platform, stability improvements are also a very welcome addition. Following the trend of smaller LCD counterparts, the Saturn has two linear rails on its vertical axis, which ensures that the manufacturing platform remains level throughout the entire printing process.


Color Touchscreen

The Saturn user interface is a 3.5-inch color touchscreen with an intuitive layout. Powered by ChiTu board and firmware, the user experience is simple and easy to use.


The Elegoo Saturn is one of those 3D printers that delivers what you want: fast print times, large compilation volumes, and vivid 4K printing resolution. It also helps manufacturers to keep materials clean, which gives you a strong, durable, and sturdy printer. Also, buyers don’t need to break an arm or a leg to own this device. It is available at an affordable rate on Banggood which is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

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