Elegoo Saturn 3D Printer Review

Elegoo is known for its budget-friendly Mars LCD printers, which offer high-quality resin printing at affordable prices – but at fairly standard production volumes. Elegoo is now expanding on this success with a completely new offering.

Enter the Saturn Elegoo. In the already overflooded market for cheap LCD printers, there are many ways to distinguish yourself: resolution, print speed, and print size. With the Saturn, Elegoo provides a printer with a surface area a little above two and a half times the size of Mars and – as icing on the cake – a monochrome LCD that promises very fast coating hardening.

This places the Saturn in a unique position in the market, offering a mid-range build space where consumers have previously been forced to choose between a smaller budget engine or, at the other end of the scale, a much more expensive mid-to-large engine. On the Saturn, the Elegoo rarely delivers the former because the engine hits a pretty strong punch in the middle of the spectrum.

But could it coincide with, or even surpass, the much-hyped Mars?


The Elegoo Saturn is very similar to an enlarged Mars, including many of the same design characters. There are some important changes, however.


The most notable change from Mars, unsurprisingly, is the LCD screen. The Elegoo Saturn has an 8.9-inch (23 cm) monochrome LCD display with 4K resolution. With a construction area of 192 x 120 mm, this results in a total XY resolution of 0.050 mm (50 micrometers).

For the uninitiated, the paragraph above may be acceptable. Good specs which are an improvement over the familiar Mars printing experience. The reality of how much better Saturn is lies in one little word – monochrome.

Monochrome LCDs are slightly different from the LCD screens commonly used in inexpensive resin printers. By allowing higher light intensities to pass through the visible mask, LCD-mono significantly reduces coating drying time. The Elegoo Saturn prints fast in addition to the larger print. Shift times are less than two seconds on average, compared to the 8 seconds reported for the original Mars printer (and even the Saturn beta version).

In addition, the monochrome display should last longer than standard LCD screens. In totality, the lifetime of the LCD panel is about 500 hours. Since Elegoo doesn’t provide any information on life expectancy, we can only guess. But of course, every extra hour is welcome.


As a direct result of using a 4K display instead of the 2K panels that are common on such devices (and which was originally planned), the Saturn should be able to achieve the same level of detail as its smaller sibling on a much larger print. With a resolution of 3840 x 2400 pixels divided by this 8.9-inch mono LCD, the result is a pixel size of 0.05 mm (50 micrometers).

The 2K panel from the Elegoo Mars – together with other MSLA 3D printers comparable to a 2K display as a light source – possesses a pixel size of 0.047 mm (47 micrometers), which means the Saturn prints similar, if not completely different. quality.


The Elegoo Saturn received a second fan to cool the engine during operation. The LCD display degrades as time passes by when exposed to heat. To extend the life of the monochrome panels, Elegoo has amplified the Saturn.

Unfortunately, the Saturn does not arrive with an air filtration system which we were informed will be released as a separate upgrade after the Saturn launch.


With a bigger build platform, stability enhancement is also a very welcome addition. Going in line with the trend of its smaller LCD counterparts, the Saturn has two linear rails along its vertical axis which ensures that the build platform remains level throughout the entire printing process.


The user interface of this resin 3D printer is a 3.5-inch color touchscreen with an intuitive layout. Powered by firmware and ChiTu board, the user experience is simple and easy to utilize.


For lovers of bigger figures or those who want a larger prototype for the project, the Elegoo Saturn is a sure win. The broader print bed and 4K monochrome LCD screen permits users to print at a larger scale and at higher speeds at a reasonable price. This 3D printer is readily available for purchase on Banggood.

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